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Today’s the Day

red-let-ter day , noun

a day that is pleasantly noteworthy  or memorable. In the past, special days would be marked on the calendar in red.

Welcome to my blog! I wanted to explain to you why I chose the name “red letter day’. Obviously, I love the meaning of the phrase. I like to think that making cards helps add to memorable days. I love making cards. My craft room is my happy place. The other reason I selected this name is because it reminds me of my mother; I called her “Red”. Her actual name was Mary and so is mine…when people would call our house and ask for “Mary” we would say “Do you want Big Mary or Little Mary?” I felt like that was awful for my mom – so I called her Red.  Ironically, red is not one of my favorite colors. But is was the color of my mom’s hair and mine when we were younger.

Now for the disclaimer… I am not a writer. In fact, I’m a terrible writer! Hopefully I can get my daughter to edit this for me.  Please visit again and let’s talk cards!


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