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Real Life is starting to interfere with my crafting time

I bought this pin a while back from The Grey Muse. Who knew that sentiment would become the topic of my blog post!

Unfortunately, last week I broke my arm. I wish I could say that I fell while dancing on a table, but I actually tripped on the vacuum cord as I was cleaning my craft room. This accident has prevented me from making cards. But in this first week of a long recovery, I’ve learned a few things. I mean, what I thought was true, has definitely been proven to be the case.

Truth #1: I need to create

I often joke that my crafting time is my therapy. It’s been a week of no crafting and I am one grumpy girl – just ask my family! I’m really missing that creative time!

I’ve also just received some new stamps and supplies and I am unable to try them out! It’s like being on a diet and someone sets a plate of brownies in front of you. It stinks.

Truth #2: Receiving a hand made card is magical

Some wonderful cards I received recently

I love sending cards. I really think about how my card can send a little happiness or express how much I care. I keep a list of cards that I need to make and add to it as I hear of things… like Sue’s cat just passed away or Ruthie got engaged. Anyway, I’ve gotten a couple of cards this week and those cards have transformed my dull, gray day into a bright, even sparkly, day! Of course I’m saving each of the cards. Knowing that my friends care enough to make and send me a card means so much. It reminds me why I love to send cards.

My point in writing this is that if you are a card maker, give yourself a little pat on the back. You need to know that you are making a difference in this world… one beautiful card at a time. Keep creating!

Also, you need to check out the Grey Muse:

Rubeena has all kinds of cool pins (many designed for card makers) and beautiful stamps too. Go treat yourself!

And don’t clean your craft room… it’s far too dangerous!

2 thoughts on “Real Life is starting to interfere with my crafting time

  1. Cleaning is bad for your health lol. So sorry to hear about your accident. Not being able to craft is the pits. Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.


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