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It’s all in the family

I’ve been an emotional wreck lately. Those of you who know me, know how sentimental and sappy I can be. Well today was full of all kinds of emotions! This afternoon I met my brother and sister in law to pick up my mother’s old writing desk. I wanted it to give to my daughter for a graduation gift. My mother was a writer and my daughter is graduating with a creative writing degree. I thought it would make the perfect, sentimental graduation gift!

My mom’s writing desk

My sister in law told me she had a surprise for me. She gave me a small box and said she thought I would like these because I make cards. I really didn’t look inside until I got home. To my surprise, inside the box were a bunch of handmade cards my great aunt had made.

I totally remember them.

My great aunt was a nun and she would give these cards as gifts because handmade gifts were all she could afford. Here are two of her handmade cards.

I think she crocheted the little flowers and drew the leaves with a marker. Aren’t these cards so sweet? I was really thrilled to find out I had something in common with my great aunt. I have very fond memories of her and loved my Aunt Teresita so much.

Here is the card I made from her inspiration.

I made this card for my mother in law. I hope she likes it!

Happy Mother’s Day 💗

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